Fresh insights into chakra balancing for beginners -

How Aligned Are Your Chakras?

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Find out which Chakra is in need of work so you can improve! According to ancient yogic tradition, the chakra system describes the presence of seven energy junctures along the spine through which your life force energy (aka "prana") moves. Each chakra is also associated with a specific color and as a result, adding more of a particular color to your life can have a positive balancing effect.

Chakras balancing

Fresh insights into chakra balancing for beginners

Chakra balancing

Would you like to improve your relationships, express yourself better, or feel more connected to your intuition? Your chakras are the gateway to releasing your inner potential for emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Chakras are the energy centers that govern different aspects of your physiology. They pull energy from the Universal Energy Field into your body for your use. Having a balanced, flowing and vibrant chakra system ensures great health and vitality.

There are many ways to work with the chakras, but perhaps the easiest way to get to know them is through a series of exercises. By connecting to your energy centers through visualization and motion, you can begin to sense into their unique qualities.

The chakra system is a series of seven main chakras that exist along the spinal column and extend out into your energy field. Each chakra spins like a vortex, taking energy into your system like a set of colorful funnels.

When these energy centers are either so open that they lose their integrity to so tight that energy can't flow, they are revealing a psychological or physical imbalance in that person's body.

Getting to know the characteristics of each chakra will help you tune into them and know when they're out of balance.

- First chakra

Located at the base of the spine, the first chakra is in charge of our basic survival needs. Feeling safe, well-fed, grounded and secure are all aspects of the energy of this center. It also governs the bones, legs and feet, grounding us to the earth.

If you are feeling alone, fearful or threatened, it can be helpful to energize this area. Imagine this chakra to be strong and stable with a vibrant brick-red color. Go outside and get your toes in the dirt, stomp your feet and scream like a Yeti. Be alive and powerful.​

- Second chakra

​The second chakra is related to pleasure. it is the seat of the emotions and sensuality and influences everything involving water in the body. This is where we learn to be in relationship with our desires and allow for enjoyment.

When you are resisting your feelings, can't access your creativity or are in a sexual slump, working with the second chakra can get things moving again. See it as a bright orange color, fluid and open. Do some hip circles and get your groove on.

- Third chakra

​You can tune into the third chakra by focusing on the canter of the abdomen, just below the ribcage. The energy here is related to your ego, self-esteem and responsibility, giving you the "I can do it" energy to achieve your goals.

However, if you are over-thinking things, you can cut yourself off from your feelings and intuition. Holding your breath while worrying is a classic sign of too much activity here. Visualize it as a vibrant yellow, with a calm capability while breathing deeply and slowly.

- Fourth chakra

​Residing in the center of the cheast, the fourth chakra expresses the energy of the heart. Harmony and compassion flow from this center, helping us to connect with others and feel divine love for them. It rules the arms as well, which are an extension of the heart.

Feelings of loneliness, resentment, grief and sorrow are signs that you should give this area a little extra attention. Imagine this chakra with a sparkling emerald-green hue, while gently arching your back and opening your chest.​

- Fifth chakra

​Also known as the throat chakra, the fifth chakra is associated with the neck, jaw and mouth and helps you to take in information and express your truth to the world. Sound and vibrations operate through this area and manifest in forms such as singing and writing.

​When your shoulders and neck are stiff, you're afraid to speak up, have trouble hearing or just won't shut up, your fifth chakra could use a little work. Do some neck rolls and sing along to your favorite song while imagining this chakra a deep turquoise color.

- Sixth chakra

​Here lies the seat of the intuition and visualization. Located between the brows, it is the mystical "third eye", and it is where we surrender to the higher forces at work in our life by listening to our inner knowing and visualizing success.

If you want to have a more positive purpose and outlook, let this center guide you. Kneel down and rest your forehead against the floor and imagine this chakra with a gleaming iridescent silver glow. Breathe and let go for a few minutes to receive inspiration and intuitive information.

- Seventh chakra

​The seventh chakra connects us to spirit and is the gateway to enlightenment. Also called the crown chakra, it extends above the top of the head like a halo. It gives us access to the infinite nature of the divine, helping us to manifest it on earth.

Feeling disconnected from spirit or being suspicious or skeptical about life can be helped by focusing on this area. Imagine the area above your head glowing with a golden light and turn yourself over to spirit to feel connected with your true self.​

​Get to know these energy centers that govern your body mind and spirit so that you can use their energy to your advantage. The chakras are fluid, responsive and will affect healing and positivity in your physiology.

Even if you have never worked with your chakras before, these simple visualizations can help you balance the energies of each, especially when done in sequence. Consistent practice can keep your energy flowing and remove resistance and negativity.​