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How Aligned Are Your Chakras?

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Find out which Chakra is in need of work so you can improve! According to ancient yogic tradition, the chakra system describes the presence of seven energy junctures along the spine through which your life force energy (aka "prana") moves. Each chakra is also associated with a specific color and as a result, adding more of a particular color to your life can have a positive balancing effect.

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Root chakra Muladhara the grounding force

" Ensure your personal safety and survival "

First chakra - Root chakra - Muladhara

‚ÄčThe first chakra

The  first of the body's chakras is, in many ways, the most important and one that is frequently under-nurtured, neglected and thus blocked and unable to perform its vital tasks.

Location: base of the spine - Color: red - Stone: red agate - Organs: bladder, genitals - Identity: basic, trust - Functions: grounding,  connection to physical body and physical world, survival instinct, feeling safe - Balanced energy: centered, grounded, balanced control over the material world and physical body - Unbalanced energy: anxiety, fear, stress, clouded, lower back, day dreaming

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The root chakra, known in Sanskrit as "Muladhara", which means "foundation", is the energy source located at the very base of the spine. When sitting in the classic cross-legged meditative position, or the yogic lotus position, all of the chakras align themselves and form a bridge with the earth and the sky. The root chakra is the one that is in contact with the earth, an energy center literally acting as our foundation, our grounding force.

A solid root, a strong foundation, is a vital component of many different things. Just as you wouldn't be able to build a house without a strong, well-made, solid foundation, it is extremely difficult and stressful to attempt to build a successful, happy or healthy life without a solid foundation.

As such, should we wish to learn, develop, succeed and be driven forward as people, the root chakra is all-important and must be nurtured and kept open and spinning healthy to act as a grounding force and a starting point for our life's journey.

Today, our sense of survival is a financial matter first and foremost. As much as we may disagree with the implications of this, we must recognize it as a basic truth of life in the modern world.

As such, should you be experiencing financial difficulties, especially if they are connected with poor decisions regarding money or a frivolousness or addiction to spending what you do not have, there is a high likelihood that the source of these problems is a blockage or leakage in your root chakra.

The deep red energy that is produced by the Muladhara is very prone to blockages in the modern age, and the result of such a blockage can be dire. Because the root chakra is also connected to the adrenal glands, the kidneys and the intestines, chakra blockages caused by stresses connected with money, a sense of place or groundedness will be passed on to these parts of the body, often resulting in weight gain, kidney problems, a lack of physical energy or a sense of being lost in the world.

These problems often cause a lack in self-esteem and self-worth, resulting in a vicious cycle, which is difficult to escape. Even if you are financially comfortable, a closed or blocked root chakra can result in relationship problems, a sense that you are in the wrong time or place, feelings of depression, and a lack of courage or drive to achieve your dreams or goals.

So, how can we improve the health of the root chakra and thus reconnect with the world we live in, find the driving force for success and discover the energy with which to achieve your dreams? Doing so can be simple and enjoyable, and alongside the emotional and energetic benefits, it's also an assured way to improve the health of your kidneys, adrenal gland, digestive system and to lose excess weight!

The root chakra can help you overcome addictions

The root chakra, which helps you stay grounded and centered, can become unbalanced, causing you to abuse your body. Instead of taking care of yourself, like a healthy well-balanced person would, you might tend to eat too much, drink too much or even chain-smoke.

Your body is your temple, and your root chakra may just be the key to a healthy body. The root chakra governs your survival instinct and your basic needs, and if it is unbalanced, you may tend to abandon ship and neglect your precious body.

The root chakra can also help you regain vitality and strength.

Cleansing the root chakra

The root chakra is stimulated and nurtured by the earth, being the chakra related to "groundedness", and nourished by the powerful healing energies the earth provides. As such, any contact with nature helps to open this chakra and replace any lost energy that may be causing problems.

Simply by spending time in the presence of nature, going for a walk in a park or a forest, or more strenuous exercises, such as hiking and rock climbing, are effective ways of opening and cleansing this chakra.

Yoga is also a fantastic way of healing yourself through your root chakra, and there are dozens of poses designed to assist in this. Because red is the color of the energies of this chakra, using red lights or even something as simple as surrounding yourself in red objects ( clothing, bed sheets, etc.) can help replenish the deep red, throbbing energies, which this chakra requires for good health.

To really enrich the energies of the root chakra and to ensure it is open, unblocked and spinning happily, take a little time each day to meditate outdoors or even to simply appreciate the beautiful world we live in. Fifteen minutes of sitting on a patch of grass, shaded by trees and practicing deep breathing exercises and simple meditation techniques can massively improve the health of the root chakra.