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Second chakra - Sacral chakra - Svadhisthana

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The second chakra

The sacral chakra is the second of the seven chakras and is located just below the navel. This chakra is your essence, the center of yourself and your emotional essence. In Sanskrit, this chakra is called "Swadhisthana", which translates to "your own place" - simply, this is the true and untarnished side of yourself, the being you know deep down is the real you.

Symbolized by a vibrant orange, the sacral chakra could be seen as your inner flame, the burning fire of passion and self-awareness that we all need to succeed in this life and use as a powerful energy source for self-confidence and emotional well-being.

The sacral chakra is deeply associated with pleasure and passion, and the energies produced by this powerful energy vortex are those that allow us to reach out and attain that in life, which gives us pleasure. As such, it is vital to keep this chakra open in order to experience a life enriched by happiness and resourcefulness and a sense that we are doing the right thing.

Should this chakra be closed or depleted of energy, the individual is quick to fall into depression and anxiety, ridden with guilt and a fear of allowing yourself to truly enjoy life. Most often, this manifest itself in people incapable of expressing their personalities and true self.

Meanwhile, we should be busy creating things and speaking animately about our opinions and beliefs. All too many of us simply follow the crowd, become plagued with self-doubt and the kind of loss of confidence that causes us to pursue things we know are not good for us, or restrict our personalities and those things we know to be right and true.

Furthermore, problems with the sacral chakra can cause a huge imbalance in our emotions; we can become arrogant or even aggressive and violent (road rage is the classic example of this), cruel or sadistic.

On the other side of the scale, people with closed sacral chakras are often cold and disconnected, obsessed with material things and unable to appreciate other people's emotional needs or requirements. Physical manifestations of blocked sacral chakras, include stomach problems, genital problems, lack of sex drive or potency, or blood-related disorders.​

We are all emotional creatures, and emotions drive much of our lives in this world. The sacral chakra provides us with the energy to respond properly to emotional stimuli and is easily unbalanced by emotional influences.

This could be anything from relationship problems to difficulties within families or work. As such, it is easy to understand why this chakra is one of the most commonly blocked or suffering from energy depletion.

​By nurturing the sacral chakra, we allow ourselves to express ourselves fully, with confidence, and with a sense of empathy for those around us. People with open and turning sacral chakras have strong, loving and fulfilling relationships and are warm, caring sympathetic people, who can feel and understand the pain or problems of others, without becoming dragged down and helpless when loaded with them.

Cleansing the sacral chakra

The beautiful thing about healing and nurturing the sacral chakra is all that it requires is happiness. Seek out whatever makes you happy and ensure that a little time each day is dedicated to them. This could be something as simple as listening to your favorite music and being aware of the fact that it brings a smile to your face or meditating on happy memories and sensations.

If you want to nurture your sacral chakra every day, go outside in the evenings and glory at the majesty and beauty of a sunset and breathe deeply as you admire nature's wonders, reminding yourself all the time that such things are bringing you pleasure and that you are lucky to recognize this.

Another excellent way of enriching the energies of the sacral chakra is by using your talents to express yourself. Whether this involves painting, gardening, writing poetry or singing, spend a little time each day to mindfully exercise your talents and express the real you.

When we do this, the orange flame of Swadhisthana within us burns more brightly and brings enormous benefits to our physical and spiritual well-being.​