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Sixth chakra - Third eye chakra - Ajna

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The sixth chakra

Situated in the middle of the forehead, the sixth chakra is the third eye, a wonderful energy center, which is capable of providing you with powerful insight, intuition, wisdom and the ability to make considered and correct choices regarding all aspects of your life.

This chakra is known by the Sanskrit name of "Ajna", meaning "to command" and is represented by indigo, the color of wisdom, majesty and magic. People with an open third eye chakra can see the path they are walking and have the gift of foresight, making life's decisions and tribulations easier and more blissful in their undertaking.

An open sixth chakra gives us the ability to tap into our subconscious and unconscious minds, allowing us to understand ourselves better and analyze where we are in our lives and how we got them.

The third eye chakra also gives us the energy to sympathize with others and become a good judge of people's characters and intentions. If you find decision making a stressful, even impossible task, or you become frightened when you think of the future and what is holds, it is more than likely that your third eye chakra is blocked or depleted of energy.

This is a hugely common problem in the modern era, as people all over the world fear that their futures are not the happy, wonderful places they envisioned as children but are full of potential problems, difficult choices and more stress and worry. 

The sixth chakra, when closed, creates all sorts of problems. The aforementioned difficulty in making decisions is just the start of it, as a closed third eye will plague us with confusion about who we are and where we are going.

If left unchecked, life can simply pass us by, leaving us to follow other people, as if we were little more than sheep. So many of us spend so much of our lives working for someone else's dream, completing projects or jobs which have little to do with what we want to do, and this is due to a lack of energy coming from a closed third eye chakra.

Health problems associated with this chakra include cataracts, headaches, migraines and all sorts of problems with vision.

Cleansing the third eye chakra

There are many exercises we can undertake to nurture the third eye chakra and increase our ability for insight, foresight and wisdom. One of the most effective involves keeping a dream diary and remembering and analyzing our dreams.

Simply by keeping a notepad and pen at your bedside and sketching out any visions or symbols that entered your dreaming mind not only increases the vividness and pleasure you experience in dreaming, but also allows you an opportunity to explore your subconscious and increase the health of your third eye.

The other key exercise involves visualization meditations, simple exercises that require you to practice your skills of visualization. When relaxed and in something approaching a meditative state, begin to visualize your ambitions, be they receiving an award or being on top of a mountain.

See yourself in that position, and try to see through the eyes of the visualized you. Concentrate for 15 minutes or so on the visualization. Try to develop this mental picture in high detail, as if looking at a film within your mind. Then spend some time examining the steps you would have to take to achieve that dream.

Such simple exercises will open the chakra and allow the indigo energies of wisdom to flood your third eye.