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Find out which Chakra is in need of work so you can improve! According to ancient yogic tradition, the chakra system describes the presence of seven energy junctures along the spine through which your life force energy (aka "prana") moves. Each chakra is also associated with a specific color and as a result, adding more of a particular color to your life can have a positive balancing effect.

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Throat chakra Vishuddha the pure place

" Express yourself and receive nourishment "

Fifth chakra - Throat chakra - Visuddha

The fifth chakra

The fifth chakra is located at the back of the throat, and as one might expect, is the chakra that provides us with the energy to express our true voice. Nowadays, truth and beauty are becoming rarities, something of a forgotten age. All too often, we feel as though we must bite our tongues and hold back from expressing ourselves from fear of standing out from the crowd or being ridiculed. 

Location: base of throat - Color: light blue - Stone: aquamarine - Organs: thyroid, parathyroid, throat, upper lungs - Identity: communication - Functions: communication, speech, expression, honesty - Balanced energy: good speaker, sincerity, truthfulness, listener - Unbalanced energy: fear in expressing ourselves, throat problems, fear of silence

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Such actions have hindered our ability to nurture and protect this all-important chakra, causing a wide range of serious problems. The throat chakra is known in Sanskrit as "Vishuddha", which means "a pure place", referencing the clear, concise and clean nature of true expression, untarnished by pressures or fear.

It is represented by an energy of crystal blue, like a cloudless sky or clear seascape, and this is the energy that allows us to express our inner feelings, our true thoughts. It is the energy of creation, of art, of music, of rhetoric and concise speech.

Humans are naturally creative beings, constantly coming up with ideas for beautiful things or for items or artistic pieces, which express their innermost thoughts in abstract or clear and concise ways. Such expression is an extremely human and healthy thing, and all too often in this modern age, we shun our creative urges out of fear of ridicule or being misunderstood or often because the result of such urges is considered to be something which has no value.

Expression is extremely important, and the repression of it causes frustration and can cause a blockage in a very important chakra. However, expression is also something that needs to be balanced and sometimes a little cautious.

We occasionally should acknowledge that there is sometimes wisdom in holding back from expressing our true feelings, as it isn't uncommon for our opinions to cause harm or upset others. Children are wonderfully uninhibited in their expression, both in speaking and artistic creation, but this uninhibited behavior is soon quashed by society, often to the extent that we completely lose the confidence and ability to create or grab what we truly deserve in life.

When the throat chakra is blocked, we commonly experience fear in expressing ourselves, we become incapable of speaking confidently or honestly, we become extremely frustrated in living an oppressed life, which bears no resemblance to the life we know we deserve.

Sometimes, people with closed throat chakras babble incessantly and have a fear of silence, feeling the need to fill any gaps in conversations pointlessly. Closed throat chakra, as with all the others, have a wide range of physical ailments attributed to them, including bronchitis, tonsillitis, ear infections, thyroid problems and mouth ulcers.

The throat chakra can help you express yourself better

The fifth chakra governs anything related to your vocal chords or your thyroid. This chakra can also help you if you suffer from frequent sore throat or colds because balancing this chakra can help you better manage these issues.

This important chakra helps you to have a rich and creative life because it allows you to express yourself.

Cleansing the throat chakra

Opening and nurturing the throat chakra is something in which we can take great joy. Deep breathing exercises and following your breath through the body are excellent and deeply relaxing ways of nurturing the pale blue energy of the throat, as is any form of mantra meditation.

Singing, anywhere and anytime, is a lovely way to increase the energy of the fifth chakra, even if you sing in the shower or along to the radio in the car! Fall in love with your voice and recognize the potential it has to change the world around you.

For a quick, easy and effective exercise for opening the throat chakra, sit cross-legged on the floor and spend a couple of minutes fully inflating and deflating your lungs, relaxing the body. Pay close attention to the sensation of the breath as it moves through your throat. Once you are fully relaxed, begin a simple Sanskrit chant, giving a slow "hum" sound as you exhale, before breathing in with a "so" noise.

This is one of the most basic mantras there is and is designed to open and energize the fifth chakra. Practice this for 15 minutes a day and notice the difference it can bring to your life.