Yoga and meditation the perfect duo -

How Aligned Are Your Chakras?

How aligned are your chakras chakras quiz

Find out which Chakra is in need of work so you can improve! According to ancient yogic tradition, the chakra system describes the presence of seven energy junctures along the spine through which your life force energy (aka "prana") moves. Each chakra is also associated with a specific color and as a result, adding more of a particular color to your life can have a positive balancing effect.

Chakras balancing

Yoga and meditation the perfect duo

Meditation chakra healing

When was the last time you felt in connection with your body and mind? Has it been a while since you've loved your strong body, fit arms, legs and abdomen? 

When was the last time you took a deep breath to improve your sense of calm? Have you ever been able to decrease your stress levels at the drop of a hat?

Bring yoga and meditation into your life

If your self-confidence, abs or even your positive thoughts could use a pick-me-up, now is the time to bring yoga and meditation into your life. It will lift you up in a way no other exercise can.

Yoga as a daily practice has the power to eliminate all the stress from your life and put your body and mind back in harmony.

Bend backwards, forwards and sideways, and make no mistake about it - Yoga isn't a second-rate exercise.

It can improve your flexibility and your balance and can tone you unlike any other workout can. It's not for wimps.

With as great of a total body workout as yoga is, why do you need anything else?

Meditation, in addition to your yoga practice, has the ability to heighten your mind and body workout like no other.

In other words, it's the perfect duo for tranquillity, strength training and a peaceful life!

Meditation allows you to focus on your breath, improve your state of mind and gives you the opportunity to center, focus and align yourself with your inner knowing and voice of reason.

Feeling like you don't have a minute to catch your breath, and you're desperate for some time to yourself?

Give yourself 30 minutes to practice some yoga poses, breathe deeply and focus on a quiet mind, and in just half an hour, you'll feel like a brand-new you.

Practiced together, yoga and meditation won't just get you in great shape, improve your focus and tone you from head to toe.

Yoga, along with a meditative practice, will improve your happiness, your sense of calm and well-being and will help you improve your mindset while improving the quality of your life.

Pair the two together and that lower back pain that you can't seem to shake will gradually dissipate.

Your bad dreams that prevent you from having energy throughout your day will stop.

Your smoking habit, or caffeine addiction, will become easier to manage, and even your stubborn belly fat will begin to appear less noticeable.

Within weeks of meditation yoga, that flat stomach you've been working so hard for will become yours - no fad diet will be part of that workout plan but just deep breathing, sun salutations and slow and controlled exercise.

Quieting your mind is one of the key ingredients of a yoga session, but when you focus on your breath while improving the stance of a tree, cow or child's pose (three of the best poses for stress relief and relaxation!), you'll become bigger than life.

You'll become strong. Determined. Focused. A fearless leader for your life and so many other lives you touch.

You'll also become committed to the real you that lies underneath all of your many responsibilities.

Once you work on improving yourself in a yoga and meditation session, this poignant exercise will help you to remember all that you are and are able to be.

The power of this powerful duo

Are you forgetting where you placed your car keys more often than you used to? Do you struggle to remember other people's names, or have you stuck your foot in your mouth one too many times? Do you find difficulty in getting your work done on time or getting to work on time?

The powerful combination of yoga and meditation can provide you with the answer!

What's the real answer to your daily struggles?

It could be the lotus pose, alongside some relaxation breathing exercises and a clear, open mind.

If you're tired of running on the treadmill every day at the gym or sprinting up and down your street, change up your routine and get the same results as a high endurance workout can give you.

Slow down, breathe and get on all fours in a cat pose. As you do, focus on the movements of your stomach as you inhale and exhale.

Enjoy the freedom of not having to think about your secretary's poor work performance, what you'll do about helping your toddler to become better mannered, or how you can eat better.

Everything you need to know is inside of your quiet mind. It's inside of your breath, and with each transition from yoga pose to yoga pose that you make, you're one step closer to becoming the happy self that you long to be!

Whether you stand, sit or bend yourself backwards into a body-strengthening exercise, yoga and meditation together can combat stress, memory problems, fear and even pangs or loneliness.

As the perfect combination for total health and serving as a preventive measure to combat illness and disease, deep breathe your way to increased flexibility, while you downward dog your way to improved balance and agility.​